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June 27, 2013

Posted by on June 27, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Today, as I think back to my blessings from the previous day, I wonder what God has in store for me today!

My morning started yesterday by seeing my teenage son off to work after preparing his lunch with him for the day, then waking my daughter for morning gymnastics and seeing her off after getting her a bite to eat. And for me....I headed off to my dear friend's house to accept an invitation for morning coffee to catch up on what we've been doing since school's out. I love those summer time invitations!

My morning was filled with blessings already! I headed off to see my Doctor for my yearly visit and even that was great as I look forward to seeing her because she has become my good friend who has been an inspiration to me. But from was time to get to work and my work for the day was to paint.

Painting has always been one of my least favorite chores, but my mom and dad wanted their shed painted and I volunteered.

It was 90 degrees and my painting project was on the west side that day! I wondered where I'd find the blessing in that!

I got started at 5:00 in the afternoon with the sun beating down on me and dreaded the next few hours that it would take me. But before I knew it, clouds covered the hot sun and my project didn't seem so bad.

I finished the first coat of paint and my mom and dad came along and admired the freshly painted building. I couldn't help but appreciated how much it meant to my parents that even in their late age, they still wanted their farm to be neat and tidy. They stood there and watched me put on the second coat of paint and talked of fond memories.

The sun stayed under the clouds which was a blessing in itself, but the memory I am left with of mom and dad admiring the freshly painted shed that added beauty to the farm where they raised me is a blessing that will stay with me a lifetime!

May you discover the blessings in your day!

God bless,



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